Why Do We Love Costa Rica?

Werner S.

Why Does Werner love Costa Rica?

I have had a connection to Costa Rica since I was a young boy in Switzerland. My sister was engaged to a young gentleman from Costa Rica, and it all sounded so exotic to me ,,, Costa Rica. This is a beautiful country with loving, kind and proud citizens. I was lucky enough to make this my permanent home. It’s not always easy, not being fluent in Spanish, but as time goes one, I will improve. It’s a country that is easy to love. It gives so much back to us, the beauty is ongoing.

Charlotte W.

Why Does Charlotte love Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a small country with a huge diversity of culture, eco-systems and adventures to experience. Perhaps it's greatest and most enjoyed resource is it’s people. Since moving here permanently from the U.S. in 2017, we have discovered the true meaning of Pura Vida. Life here is just that - we live each day surrounded by beautiful landscapes, nature and a nurturing community. We don’t simply “exist”. No matter what your personal interests or ideals may be, we find that Costa Rica offers opportunities for everyone to fulfill those important ‘dreams’. We can be as involved in the community as we desire, or just go laze in the sun on a beach. We can hike the beautiful jungles and experience nature at its finest in our own backyard, or in the nearby Monteverde Rainforest. We can experience first class dining in gourmet restaurants or local ‘sodas’. We have made life-long friends with such great ease, both with locals and ‘gringos’ alike. We can grow our own organic foods, or shop in the local markets. We love the fact that Costa Rica is 95% sustainable energy driven and work hard to help maintain this important issue. Rather than funding a military in Costa Rica, monies are better spent on supporting education and health to it's residents. All of these benefits were important to us when deciding on where to relocate from the U.S. Living here has afforded us the life of health, adventure, and sense of community we had been searching for for many years. It is true that living here ‘is not for everyone’ but we find it is just perfect for us and feel very fortunate to call Costa Rica home.

David P.

Why Does David love Costa Rica?

My love affair began after researching Costa Rica’s history, culture and biodiversity. I immediately found a special connection with the country. After my first visit, I was immediately drawn in by the beautiful scenery, diverse wildlife and vast expanses of protected land. If that was not enough, I then met the Costa Rican people. Their friendliness, kindness, and peace-loving nature helped me reevaluate my life and pointed me in a new direction. I then acquired my little piece of paradise, with a view that I can never replace. As you can see in this picture, it’s breathtaking. I expanded m friendships, and added to my defined family. For me it was not running away from anything but running towards a new and wonderful chapter of my life, full of beauty and love. There is a reason why Costa Rica is considered one of the happiest countries in the world.

jeri and glen

Why Does Jeri love Costa Rica?

My husband and I chose to move to CR after we had done several years of research on places to retire. We were both in our early 70’s and retired for awhile. After years of reading International Living magazines that pointed out all the advantages, and few disadvantages of living here, we took an exploratory trip 3 yrs ago and fell in love. We settled in Nuevo Arenal, enjoying the verdant rain forest and wild life. After just 1.5 years of this tropical paradise I lost my husband of 43 years to a sudden heart attack. This was NOT our plan. Now, having lived here alone as long as we lived here together I’m more convinced that Costa Rica is where I’m meant to be. As they say here, Life in Costa Rica is PURA VIDA. That translates to “pure life”, and it IS that and so much more.

jack & franklin

Why Do Jack & Franklin love Costa Rica?

It was the wondrous natural beauty of Lake Arenal that first attracted us to the area. With its strikingly prominent volcano, the lush cloud forest populated by sundry species of birds, and the magical dance of interacting weather systems from the Pacific and Caribbean, Arenal is the place for nature lovers. However, it is its people, gentle, accepting, and happy, why we choose to live here. It’s home.

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